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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  August 1, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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a new offer on the table-- as ighters turn i >> we believe this will easily have the money in place to save all the jobs. a new offer on the table as firefighters turn in their gear. will it be enough to reverse their layoffs. another fire. the latest fire and what sparked some of the others. oil isn't the only thing in the water from the gulf of mexico. a chemical controversy. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. the news starts now. this is cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." even as laidoff san jose firefighters were turning in their uniforms and equipment this weekend the union was making some concessions hoping to save some jobs. the latest proposal and whether it is too little too late. >> we believe this will easily
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have the money in place to save all the jobs. >> reporter: with that the union laid out its plan. a concession that would allow for future layoffs if needed which they say could reverse the layoffs of 49 firefighters this weekend. >> my crew has been broken up. my station has been closed. >> surreal. really surreal. we had just received it less than a year ago. all our names put on it. it was a six-year goal for myself. >> the union's latest proposal has firefighters taking a 5.25 pay cut. the city wants 10%. the department says it will save extra money by cutting down on overtime with a new computer system that will deploy resources strategically but they say they can't put a figure on that yet. >> it really comes down to the numbers and for the amount of savings. >> reporter: the city's chief negotiator says they will come back to the table but it doesn't appear that the new plan will be good enough.
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>> very preliminary review it saves a little bit more than $4 million. and again, $4 million is not insignificant but when you consider how much we would need to be able to have avoided the layoffs we need almost $10 million. >> that leaves a multimillion dollars gap in the two sides' math. so for now firefighters say their response times will be longer for fires and medical calls. already two minutes above the national average. >> you were 2 minutes dead. now you'll be 10 to 12 minutes dead. we had a bad system now it has gotten to worse. >> reporter: there is a brand- new chief starting work tomorrow morning another wildfire in southern california today. a fire burning near 101 in l.a. county. it broke out just after noon
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today. traffic is still moving along the freeway. no structures threatened at this time. the palmdale fire is now 87% contained. the fire started thursday. it burned four homes and torched nearly 22 square miles of brush in the antelope valley. it is believed to be started by someone working on a car wheel. there is no word on any arrests. but two men have been cited for accidentally starting a fire. authorities say the flames ignited tuesday after the men cut a steel pipe which sent sparks flying into brush. the two have been cited for a misdemeanor. the fire is 94% contained tonight. well in danville a driver went on a rampage crashing into a cyclist, pedestrian and other vehicles today. we are told he was stopped by
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people in the neighborhood. no word yet on the conditions of those struck by the car. a judge could announce her decision whether ac transit can impose a contract on its drivers. ac transit says 15 to 20% of its drivers have been no shows since it implemented an interim contract two weeks ago. the union denied they are coordinating a sit out, they are just struggling to adopt to their new schedules. a cockfight raid in napa county. deputies discovered people inside a caged arena in american canyon yesterday with a cockfight in progress. they found two dead birds, about 50 live ones and guns and drugs. many people fled on foot but about 40 people were arrested. they face misdemeanor charges in participation in cockfighting. questions tonight for
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b.p.'s use of dispersants in the gulf. we have the latest. >> reporter: ann, b.p. is being accused of carpet bombing gulf waters and today it was made clear at a press conference held by the number 2 man of b.p. no one within that company really knows the true impact of those chemicals. b.p.'s points man on the oil crisis came to venice, louisiana, for a p.r. event. but they were hammered about the impact of the dispersants. >> what impact have they had on the oil? >> hang on a second here. >> reporter: it is the frequency of their use that is raising concerns here. congressional investigators say the coastguard routinely approved b.p.'s request to use
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chemicals to break up the oil despite an order to use them sparingly. >> some of those requests were accepted and sometimes they modified those and that process has been running since the very beginning. >> pumping 2 billion-gallons of chemical dispersants in the water. it is a prospect that worries much fisher man because of the effect it may have on the oysters. >> we are not going to be able to fish for a couple years. i have been doing this and i don't know how to do something else. >> reporter: b.p. saying it is getting closer to killing the leak. >> we need to get the casing around and cemented. that's underway. >> reporter: the first part of the two-step operation will begin as early as monday night. ceiling sealing the well by the end of august. back to those dispersants
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because they say they plan to study the long-term impact of that. they said it was key in getting rid of the oil. fishermen around here in the meantime wonder who would ever want to buy gulf coast seafood in the future knowing it is mixed with oil and chemicals. back to you. >> i know it is difficult covering the story because there is so little information that is coming out, it is trickling out. but in regards to the coastguard giving approval to use the dispersants, is the thinking the coastguard looked the other way? why would the coastguard give approval for something that was excessive by federal policy? >> yes, it is not clear. hopefully we will get some answers from that from the congressional hearings later on this week but you have to think about it. after the epa told b.p. not to carpet bomb or use those dispersants as often as they did, they used it 74 times within a 48-day period. and that was with the approval of the coastguard. only a few times did the
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coastguard say, no, you might not want to use it survivor. >> we will all be watching those hearings. thank you. so how much of an impact did he make? an ice cream flavor is named after him. >> a tribute to somebody here in the greater bay area. the birthday celebration for a famous rock and roller. it is her first day as a married woman. what newly wed chelsea clinton was up to today. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs5 weather center. low clouds and fog now just wake being their way to the golden gate. a lot more fog to come. we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,
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kcbs radio's tim ryan shows us it was a tie-dye kind of day in san francisco as deadheads celebrated jerry garcia's birthday. tim ryan shows us the celebration in garcia's old
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neighborhood. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: we are here at mcclaren park and this is the neighborhood in san francisco where jerry garcia grew up. he died 15 years ago next week. today would have been his 68th birthday. this is a party for jerry garcia, the grateful dead in this type of rock and roll music. >> the best of the best. and a tribute to somebody that lived here in the greater bay area. >> it is just nice to see that a lot of people still really enjoy what his message was. the community, the music and being together. >> it has becoming an annual institution for the city. we have a lot of people traveling throughout the country and even overseas that come to this event. >> reporter: for the hundreds attending this free show it is more than just the music it is a lifestyle and the organizers say it will carry on for many years to come on or about
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jerry's birthday. in mcclaren park, tim ryan, cbs5. about 400 guests watched chelsea clinton marry marc mezvinsky in rhinebeck on saturday. people in the town though didn't even get a glimpse. >> reporter: the streets filled up again this afternoon when there was word the newly married couple was heading into town to shop. but it didn't happen. disappointing locals who really wanted to see the bride. >> i waited hours to see them. >> reporter: they did get to see this bride and groom who were married sunday. >> the first look at the newly weds came saturday night. the bride escorted down the aisle by her father. a big smile from chelsea in her vera wang guest. marc mezvinsky posing with his powerful inlaws. the clintons had brunch with friends and family. now the owner of the wedding
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venue is hoping to cash in as well. the aster courts estate was for sale before the wedding and now it is on the market again. price on request. the house across the street is for sale too. it was used as a staging ground for the wedding. >> are you going to drink your clinton wine? >> i'm not quite sure. have to consult my family. >> reporter: the owner was given a bottle of clinton vineyard wine and was compensated for agreeing to leave her home though she politely declined to say how much. >> of course like everybody else i was torn to secrecy about it and i honored that demand. >> reporter: in the end it was a very private affair for the very public family and that's the way rhinebeck likes it. we are continuing with a celebrity watch. lindsey lohan's lockup may be over tonight. her attorney shawn chapman was seen at the linwood jail sparking speculation that her client would be a free woman today. chapman says lindsey lohan is doing well and hopes she will be able to spend time with her
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family before heading to rehab. she was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating terms of her probation. you probably heard that. lots of new movies out this weekend. could any of them beat "inseption" at the box office. haven't seen many heat waves this summer but doesn't look like we will get to it anytime soon. we will talk about that coming up next. the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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first he was getting e- mails because the rain wouldn't stop and now you're getting e- mails because we cap turn turn -- can't turn on the heat. >> they want heat. asking what's going on? >> start delivering. >> more cloud and fog making its way back onshore. will thicken up overnight tonight. let's head outside and check things out. if you're traveling around the bay this evening how about this? a beautiful look at the beach. you know what, in the next couple months we are going to get some heat waves out there. that indian summer in the bay area get that offshore wind clearing out the coastline. some beautiful weather just not yet. still there is sunshine to be found. looking good if you want to drive inland. lots of sunshine in the valleys. some pretty comfortable temperatures although running below the average for the better part of this year. looks like it will continue to do so. probably for the next seven to ten days. how about that fog? good old eddy spinning off the coastline.
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getting circulation wrapping around and starting to work its way around the coastline. going to shove the low cloud and fogs onshore. more weather on tap in the bay area tonight and probably for the foreseeable future. heading into the santa clara valley lots of sunshine. 60s and 70s. interior valley still 70s and 80s. coastline 50s and 60s with that patchy fog. out again toward the beaches not much sunshine. temperatures cool. 50s and 60s. morning drizzle early on inside the bay seeing clouds early but lots of sunshine and breezy conditions by the afternoon. but may be a little bit warm heading to some of the interior valleys. 85 in livermore. 76 in san jose. 61 san francisco. around the state looking at temperatures on warm side. fresno 98. redding 98. so trough of low pressure continuing to sit along the west coast and it will usher in
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some cool air once again keeping temperatures comfortable but cooler than average. low cloud an fog will surge onshore. i think as we head toward the middle of the week maybe thicker and drizzle too. starting out with plenty of clouds early on. slowly breaking back toward the coastline throughout the day tomorrow. it will be awhile to clear things out. so temperatures are going to be down just a bit. plan on 50s and 60s coast side. 70s and 80s inside the bay. 80s in toward the morgan hill area. east bay temperatures. 80s and 90s well inland by tomorrow afternoon. 60s in toward berkeley and oakland. patchy fog out toward the coastline. how about this? not a heat wave but we will heat things up. maybe a good 2 degrees over the next couple days. >> inland and inside the bay but by the middle of the week that low pressure area moves in and cools temperatures down and there may be more warming. no big changes over the next probably seven to ten days. sphoor. >> thanks, lawrence.
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for the third straight week " inception" is number 1 at the box office. leonardo dicaprio bringing in more than $27 million. it edged "dinner for schmucks" which open at number 2. dennis not watching the movies, listening to tennis apparently. >> i was at my condo in san francisco and i heard what sounded like two women screaming then i realized they were paying tennis in stanford. pretty amazing. the finals. you really had to hear it to believe it. pga golfer needed to shoot a 59 to win the tournament. did he do it? i'll show you next. west
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screamers on tour... maria sharapova and victoria azarenka.. azarenka takes the first set finals featuring two of the loudest screamers on tour. maria sharapova and her opponent.. you thought i was joking when i said i could heard them in my condo in san francisco. looking tired after playing a three-set match last night.
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one day after turning 21 she picks up her first title of the year. >> only my second time here and i'm enjoying my time. so it is so nice and i'm a little bit shaking right now so i don't know what to say. [ applause ] >> congratulations to her. golf fred couples won just one major during his three decades on the pga tour. today he had a chance for his first major win on the champions tour. couples entered the final round with a one shot lead but quickly disappeared. bad judgment on this shot. a triple bogey. taking advantage of couples mistakes. shooting a 67. second week in a row longer wins a major on the champions tour. pga tour. stuart applebee. bottom of the cup. an 11 under par to tie the
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lowest rounds in pga tour history taking the lead in the green briere classic. jeff overton with a chance it tie him at 22 under 18. >> that will make it. >> oh, my goodness. >> you're in. >> official? >> official. >> he is just the fifth player to shoot a 59 and the second this year. women's british open. sang nervous as a four-shot lead disappeared. australian with a birdie. a sigh of relief. so it comes to 18. par and the win. yes. the 21 year old has won four lpga events but three are majors incolliding two this year. the as were quiet at yesterday's trade deadline being 8.5 games out in the
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west. probably a good sign they want to see their younger players develop. gonzalez. second inning in chicago striking out carlos quentin. a career high 11 strikeouts for gonzalez. two outs. 4th inning. lining it to right field. matt carson. play of the game. goes to the wall. one run scores, two runs score, three runs score. making it 4-0. gavin floyd perfect through 5. jack cust strikes out for the third time today. next batter up kevin kouzmanoff. got wood ton. hard shot to 1st. nascar. jimmie johnson bumps bumps
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kurt bush. >> what happened? >> johnson would later apologize for bumping bushe. kevin harvick remains the leader. jason campbell the starting quarterback with the hope he brings an end to their seven straight losing season. >> how can you help change that culture? >> just be hungry. you know. there are a lot of guys on this team that are hungry. when you look at this football team it is pretty much almost like a new football thing. look at richard seymour. >> we haven't seen the game yet but there is a big difference between the two quarterbacks and jamarcus russell when you talk to them. he will be on the show tonight. >> that's it for eyewitness
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news. we will be back at 10 and 11:00 p.m. have a good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: thousands come here for this tower, this pier, this bridge. leaving the rest of the bay area to the rest of us. >> discover something new about the place we call home. "eye on the bay" week nights at 7:00 p.m. on cbs5. ,,,,,,
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